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Sunday, 08 December 2019

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Race report: B-series Round 3: Perranporth

Race report: B-series Round 3: PerranporthRace report: B-series Round 3: PerranporthRace report: B-series Round 3: Perranporth

Thrillers in the Mist

Having not been in a ‘kart since February at the Weston Fun Weekend, and not being the greatest tarmac sailor, the choice of Perranporth aerodrome for my first B-series of the year was sure to be a challenging one.

About 13 of us turned up on the Friday for a good few hours sailing on the airfield’s perimeter road, in mainly 4m conditions with a few people trying out 3’s, trying not to scare Graham’s new pilots he was instructing. I confess to spending most of it adjusting the performance batten tensioners for sail shape, as Santi mentioned at the worlds ‘anything below the mast base doesn’t matter’ (albeit you’ve got to make sure the kart is assembled correctly).

Saturday registration happened somewhere between 10-11am in the marquee and with visibility steadily decreasing with the dense sea-mist racing was going to be tight. A medium 3 mark triangular course was set up by Kevin, with 10min races & 2 min dial ups, winds in the 8-15 Knot range it was a choice between 4m or 5.5m sails. Graham Deal soon made it clear that his choice of a 4m was the best, winning the first race and performing excellently on the short course, Alan Gibson was a force to be reckoned with too, winning the first 4 races in light performance.

After a nice evening buffet from the tower café the evening races commenced with Kevin trying to explain the course as ‘go straight, turn right, straight, right; it looks like a figure of 8 that never crosses’. This course proved more technical than the earlier one but Lorraine Eth made light work of it with some exceptional sailing. Chris Selway always ended flying along the upwind leg, which I never mastered and was totally confused when my windicator ended up pointing directly at me; the Perranporth triangle was in full effect. We owe a big thank you to Chris Moore & Richard Hollingsworth for all his hard work on the Saturday evening with the transponder managing to save race 7!

By 10am on Sunday the fog had lifted and with improved visibility but less wind, sailing got underway in 5.5m conditions (7 gusting 12Kts) after Kevin had reversed the short course from the day before and put in another mark. Lorraine Eth made her mark on the course, and coming away with 1st in Performance Light and the world’s biggest grin! Tom Hollingsworth flew round the course in the last race on a 4m and took 2nd in Production Light; definitely one to watch for Weston!

The close racing saw Rob Burns equal on points with John Britton, but JUST pipped to the trophy on count-backs and Graham Deal taking the win from Andy Etherington by just 1 point. Notable performance by 'novice' racer (not sure I believe that!) Ray Bayley, who also took a win in Heavy Production.

Lachlan Wright, K237


Light Production:

1st: Lachlan Wright

2nd: Tom Hollingsworth

3rd: John Britton

Light Performance:

1st: Lorraine Etherington

2nd: Alan Gibson

3rd: Chris Moore

Heavy Production:

1st: Chris Selway

2nd: Dave Purchase

3rd: John Gillborn

Heavy Performance:

1st: Graham Deal

2nd: Andy Etherington

3rd: Steve Harvey

Huge thanks to:

  • Kevin Meyers of the Cornwall Blokart Centre for setting up the event and being a great Race Officer
  • The team of marshalls; Jayne, Kes, Sue, Christina, Julie (and Sophie) without whom it couldn't happen
  • The 'technical' team of Chris Selway, Chris Moore and the super IT skills of Richard Hollingsworth for beating the intricacies of the timing system
  • Nick and Alison Dodge for sorting the lovely trophies
  • The staff and management at the airfield for the food and hospitality
  • And all 24 racers for being such great sports!

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