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Sunday, 08 December 2019

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Mike Bushell's Guest Blog

Mike Bushell's Guest Blog
"People often ask me what my favourite is, of all the 350 plus sports I have tried and profiled. I always mention Blokart sailing as one of he top few.
It's like sailing without getting wet and we were worry free as we were able to let kids ride along by themselves after just one half an hour tutorial ..
There was no worry about them falling into the water or drifting ..as the worst that could happen was the Blokart tipping over. When this did occur it was just a case of patiently waiting for someone to lift the kart up again. 
For me this is an ideal family activity,  for a summer holiday or  those lucky enough to live near one of the Blokart sailing beaches.
It taught me and the kids the basics of sailing : reading the wind, and knowing when to tack and turn using the ropes to the sail. The thrill of bombing along at 20 miles per hour with the wind in our hair was exhilarating and hard to beat.  You can see why it's one of my favourites: an adrenalin rush without danger and pain and for different standards and ages at the same time."

To watch the footage of his experience click here.

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