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Sunday, 08 December 2019

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180000 square metre playground (Elvington)

180000 square metre playground (Elvington)

Anticipation for Round 1 of the 2014 B-Series had been growing in the weeks leading up to the event. As well as this being the first B-Series of the 2014 season, it would also be the first time some members karts (mine) had seen light since the end of 2013.

After the formalities of registration (deciding only to run 2 weight categories) on Saturday morning and with a solid 15mph breeze gusting 20mph, the race committee decided to make the most of the space available and set up an Americas Cup style windward/leeward gate course. There was a choice of gates both upwind and downwind plus a long upwind beat, combined with an upwind start.

Production were first up with most of the fleet on 4m or 3m sails, the first 2 races proved that with the right amount of space, an AC course is excellently adapted for Blokart racing, eliminating any  ‘follow the leader’ and putting an emphasis on tactical upwind sailing. The choice of gates was particularly useful with many pilots not sticking to a particular set of gates but experimenting with all the options and choosing that gates that had tactical advantage. Performance took to the course and demonstrated excellent tactics with upwind sailing and gate choices, as there was no limit on the width of the sailing area there were some great lines being taken. By the end of day 1, even with the changeable weather and wind (rain/hail) we’d got our first discard.

Sunday started off with lighter winds gusting 15mph and to make the most of the space, a variant on the box course was set up; a nice upwind beat to a long run across the transponder, followed by 3 high speed gybes to the start line. Winds were forecast to drop so racing got underway quickly and after Nick Dodge kindly leading production round for the first lap of the production race; we’d got the hang of it. Performance picked up on the shifting wind conditions and got the most out of the course with speeds up to 30mph. Getting in 5 more races in each category we managed 18 races overall with 2 discards each, some of the best sailing we’ve all had in a while.

Category Results:

Lightweight Production

1.       Martin Leach                   4

2.       Lachlan Wright                6

3.       Tom Hollingsworth          20

Heavyweight Production

1.       Chris Selway                      0

2.       Richard Hollingsworth         14

3.       David Purchase                 19

Lightweight Performance

1.       Pete Newlands               2

2.       Nick Dodge                   8

3.       Lorraine Etherington      19

Heavyweight Performance

1.       Andy Etherington                11

2.       Steve Harvey                     12

3.       Graham Deal                     13

Nick dodge threw down the gauntlet with a great return to Blokart Racing after a couple of seasons out, incredible racing! Tom Hollingsworth really nailed his starts this weekend, showing practise really does pay off.

A big thank you to Christina the RO for the event, to all the marshals who waved flags, sat on marks and ran the electronics for us pilots. Your effort and dedication in all weather conditions really makes events!

Next event Llanbedr:  26/04/14


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