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Sunday, 08 December 2019

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Greatstone 2014 Race Report

Greatstone 2014 Race ReportGreatstone 2014 Race ReportGreatstone 2014 Race Report
Christina and myself arrived at the Varne just as it was getting dark Friday evening with`our home on wheels`.Other competitors were already there motor homes/caravans in situ one eager competitor arrived late Thursday evening -must have been psychic as he missed the forthcoming delays due to potholes in the M25. The bar at the Varne was visited by most for an enjoyable evening.
Early risers woke Saturday morning to a good SE breeze 15mph plus. Sue Lyn cooked breakfast with coffee & tea.
Registration was prompt then straight to beach where Windward/leeward course was set: the breeze died` A taster race for performance/production together was started and all got round.Big Ed was looking to complete a race so not to get a hat trick of events at the Varne with no sailing. Both classes managed to get in 4 races but production did struggle to keep moving in their last race thus giving a discard to all.
The course gave all competitors a chance to improve their sailing skills up wind and gybing downwind and those that got the wind angles correct had good speed notably some of our lady helms.
Saturday evening competitors dined at a local Italian where good stories were told. On returning to the Varne some chose to retire for the evening and others joned the private party at the Varne where our own BLSA crooner Gareth helped along with Kim on the tambourine (what rhythm she had) woke the party up.
Sunday not enough breeze to get everybody moving so early prize-giving and home.
Well done to all who competed and hope you enjoyed your Mini holiday on the beach.
Graham & Christina
Position Name
Light Production
No entries
Middle Production
1 Martin Leach
2 Robin Smith
3 Kim Chamberlain
Heavy Production
1 Dave Purchase
Superheavy Production
No entries
Light Performance
1 Pete Newlands
2 Caroline Hart
Middle Performance
1 Lorraine Etherington
2 Ron Frewin
3 Sharon Delahaye
Heavy Performance

Andy Etherington

2 David Hicks
3 Gareth James
Superheavy Performance
1 Ed Delahaye

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