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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

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Minutes of BLSA Committee Meeting April 10th, 2018

April 10th, 2018, 8.30pm
BLSA committee meeting
Present – Edward Delahaye (ED), Nick Glynn (NG), , Nick Trollope (NT), Dave Hicks (DH)   Chris Moore (CM)
Apologies -  Nick Dodge, Sarah Randall
Outstanding action items
We went through the outstanding items list, all were completed or in hand.
The following items were discussed.
Raised Action Allocated Completed / Ongoing
 Brits and B race at Llanbedr ED Ongoing
 Pembrey ED
 Ongoing, ED will book.
ED Electrical back up system, ED is testing some equipment and will advise the committee on his findings. ED
 Ongoing. Summer job.
DH Westward Ho! Re future use. DH
 DH looking into
DH reported that to date we had 135 members of which 17 were new or lapsed pre 2017.
There are 57 ex 2017 members who should rejoin.

Current balances are unknown as SD is away on vacation .
Bank balance –  £
Paypal account – £
Polo shirts:
 DH had 3, will take them to Weston to sell.
Electrical back up system:
ED will take the trailer home from Weston B race and will take it to Llanbedr and keep at his home for the Perranporth race. The target is to buy the electrics and test them at home when the weather improves.
2018 events
Llanbedr : ED has had confirmation of a B race at Llanbedr over the May bank holiday and the Brits in September, there are just a few finer points that ED is waiting .
Pembrey: ED is also waiting to hear back from Pembrey. No change to this situation yet.
Perranporth: NG said he would be R/O .
BRITS Sponsorship 2018:
NT announced that he had secured significant sponsorship from Rooster.
£250 worth of kit for prizes.
Flags and poles.
A discount code would also be provided for BLSA members to get a £20 discount off £100 purchase.
We discussed having a link to Rooster on our website, and putting their logo on our poster, website rolling advert, and on BRITS event garment.
DH reported that the “Taster” document carried civil liability cover of £5million not the £10 million we now have. ED said he would change the text.
We agreed to send a letter to the Shredders club querying the wisdom of having six events this year that clash with BLSA events. And to, in the future, liase with the BLSA Committee to avoid calendar clashes in the future.
DH reported that he had had a letter from Offcom re the radio frequencies available. It was generally agreed that we did not need to respond or do anything.
NG reported that we only have 7 new transponders. And do we need to buy anymore.
Etienne is going to keep renting transponders and keep a working stock of 60.
We voted in favour of allowing racers to rent once per year . DH was asked to message ND and SR to allow them the opportunity to vote on the proposed change to our original decision.
BLSA Support Instructor training. CM will undertake this at Weston.
Martin Allport tagged a video of Sportability. He is not a Support Instructor.
DH raised the subject of providing goodie bags at the BRITS.
ED proposed that there should be sensible fuel recompense for thoser who towed the BLSa trailer to events. This was agreed by all.
DH asked CM what time we should get to Weston beach to help him set up, 0800 please.
CM announced the special news that Nick Glynn had been appointed Race Officer at the 2018 World Championships at Mallorca. Excellent news and testament to how he is seen in the Blokart world.
Next meeting is to be held on Tuesday May 8th,  2018, 8.30pm.

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