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Monday, 18 November 2019

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About Land Speedsailing

In 1978 Speedsailing was engineered out of a desire to sail across an ocean of sand (the Saraha desert) by the Baron Arnaud de Rosnay and progressed into a sport  to stand along side windsurfing where you can have fun in lighter winds than needed to go windsurfing.  Its development took place on the beaches of northern France and before long Norbert Blanc sports had established itself as the sole manufacturer of the Speedsail.

The Speedsail consists of a standard windsurfing rig, mounted in the same way to a 1.90M board, which steers using the same principle as a skateboard.  The advantage lies in that the reduced friction of travelling on four wheels lessens the power required to travel at the same speed on the water.

Despite this “extreme” potential Speedsailing is fun for everybody, from moseying along the shore or long distance adventures, there’s something for everyone!

The hardworking association who look after Speedsailors in the UK, organising both events and the now widely required 3rd party insurance cover, are the BLSA

Over the decades several versions of the Speedsail have developed.

For more information about Speedsails contact Graham Bobin or Chris Moore.