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Sunday, 08 December 2019

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Minutes of 2017 BLSA AGM

18th November 2017, 2.00pm


Uphill Beach, Weston-super-mare



Mary McGavin            K74

Phil McGavin               K174

Jeffery Webb               K87

Wayne Turner             K93

Adrian Chalkley          K120

John Watts                  K76

Peter Williams            K55

David Hicks                 K299

Lynne Hicks                 K2991

Chris Mumford            K61

Matthew Edwards      K100

Edward Delahaye       K85

Sharon Delahaye        K851

Chris Moore                K3

Steve Harvey              K63

Dave Cooke                 K156

David Hare                  K50

Sarah Burns                 K273

Nick Glynn                   K72


Apologies received from


Roger Jackson

Nick Dodge

Lauren McGavin

Nick Trolloppe

Peter Randall

Gary Latham

1)      Welcome from the Chairman

The chairman thanked everyone for attending and commented that it was great that there were enough attendees in order to hold the AGM.


2)      Agree minutes from last AGM

As no official AGM was held in 2016, there were no minutes to agree. Minutes from 2015 and the 2016 statement are available on the BLSA website.


3)      Chairman’s report

It has been a good year for the BLSA in relation to events but membership is slightly down on 2016. There has been some really good B races in 2017 ending with a great Brits event a few weeks ago. It was also mentioned that we had some new faces that have joined the BLSA during 2017 and it has been great to see them at fun days and at the B races.

A successful Brits was held at Llanbedr at the end of October but a major downside was the cost of the venue. The BLSA is planning on hosting the Brits there again in 2018 along with a possible B race, but this is all dependant on a better rental rate being provided by the airfield. As for the Brits, Paul Beckett (Owner of Blokart) is pushing for the Brits to be held within 2 – 3 weeks of the Worlds in Majorca in order to encourage competitors from further afield to attend both events. The BLSA are also keen to have Llanbedr as a venue for the worlds in the future. 

The Chairman noted that dealers need to do more to promote the BLSA in order to promote the sport. He remarked that some dealers are promoting the Association and some are not.

The £10m insurance will continue for 2018.


4)      Treasurer’s report

The accounts had previously been published on the BLSA Facebook page and the website for members to review.

The treasurer commented that there had been a small loss on the year and that the cost of race had been reduced in order to encourage more entrance.

5)      Membership report

Membership for 2017 is down 22 from 2016. 2016 membership as at the AGM was 197 versus 175 in 2017.

Split between adult and junior:

Adult 2016 – 159

Adult 2017 – 156

3 down

Junior 2016 – 38

Junior 2017 – 19

19 down, but of those 19, 14 are juniors that joined in 2016 for the Perranporth B race, and only 1 re-joined for 2017.

Cost of membership for 2018 will remain at £30.00 for Adults, £15.00 for associate members and free for juniors.

The membership needs to grow if the cost is to remain the same in 2019.


6)      Election of Auditor

Peter Randall has been elected to audit the accounts for 2018.


7)      Election of officers

The committee as proposed is as follows:

(Due to there being no opposing candidates for the vacant positions no vote was required.)


Chairman                     Chris Moore

Vice-chairman             Nick Trollope

Treasurer                    Sarah Burns

Secretary                    Dave Hicks

Executive                     Nick Glynn

Non-executive             Nick Dodge

Non-executive             Edward Delahaye

8)      Additional items – None received


9)      Proposals – None received


10)    A.O.B. – None received