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Sunday, 08 December 2019

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Updated Information on BLSA Transponders

Updated Information on BLSA Transponders

BLSA Transponders

The BLSA has in the past purchased transponders for the race timing system that are available for hire.

At the start of 2017 the Association owned 40 transponders, 10 of which are the newer ‘re-licensable’ type, purchased in 2016. The remainder are the older type, purchased over several years, that once expired need to be discarded.

At the 2017 Brits, some of the BLSA’s hire transponders were found to have expired and following post event testing it was discovered that 12 transponders had indeed expired.

The remaining 18 old type transponders are likely to expire over the next year or two. Following a discussion at the last BLSA Committee meeting in December, it was agreed that the Association would not replace the transponders once they expire, however, the 10 new type transponders will be maintained and re-licensed in approximately 3½ years. In the future, the BLSA will only own 10 transponders.

Most members who race regularly have purchased their own transponders and European racers have been told to purchase their own transponders, which are considered as part of their race kit.

BLSA Transponder Hire

Following the comments made by members on the Facebook post concerning the hire of BLSA transponders, the BLSA Committee discussed the item again at the April 10thmeeting.

Following the discussion, the hire of BLSA transponders has been extended to the following three categories:  

1. First time racers at no charge.

2. Members who only race once a year at a cost of £20.

3. Members who own their own transponder but it does not function at an event at a cost of £10

These categories will apply from the next B race at Llanbedr on May 26thto 28th2018.

All other race participants, including Juniors, must provide their own compatible transponder, i.e. a Mylaps ProChip FLEX transponder, for the event.

Transponders can be purchased from HS Sports.


The transponders can be licensed for 1, 2 or 5 years and can be re-licensed after the end of the subscription.

The subscription costs are:

1 year             £36 inc. VAT

2 years           £50.40 inc. VAT

5 years           £96 inc. VAT

Please note that the transponders need to be activated using a computer with a USB port prior to them being used at an event. The subscription time starts from the activation date of the transponder.


The BLSA Committee