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Monday, 18 November 2019

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Blokart Racing Rules

IBRA Edition 6 Rules Click Here

About the b-races

The b-races is our well-established round of races that take place in venues across the UK. See our events calendar for when and where they are being held. 

About b-racing

Because it is one-design racing it is the closest and most fun landsailing racing in the World. Winning depends on sailing consistently well; not by the depth of your pockets or mechanical expertise. If you don't yet own a Blokart it is possible to get into racing by having a training session with one of our accredited Activity Providers and renting a Blokart from them.

Participation is open to all BLSA members and to international Blokart sailors with valid insurance. Some events may be open to sailors from other clubs who have valid insurance.

Lunches are provided as part of the entry fee but evening meals are usually paid for separately. If you do not own a transponder you can rent one as a first time racer from The BLSA. Members who only race once a year can also hire a transpnder from the BLSA for £20.

Races are scored on a 'bonus points' system; that is 1 for 1st place, 2 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, etc.

Any differences in organisation of the racing will be notified in the Notice of Race; please make sure you read them before participating.

Novice racers are very warmly welcomed and will be partnered with an experienced 'race buddy' to help ensure that they understand the rules and are safe. The 'race  buddy', any officiating person or the BLSA will be in no way liable for any loss or injury sustained whilst racing. If you want personal cover for racing you need to arrange that yourself; BLSA membership insurance is for 3rd party losses only. 

The Race Officer makes the final decision as to whether individuals are safe to race. You may wish to withdraw from racing (e.g. if there are higher winds or more blustery or wet conditions than you are comfortable with), you will be scored the number of people racing in your fleet+1).

Registration is made via the shop; please register for events early in order to help us organise things such as meals.

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