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Monday, 18 November 2019

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The British & Open Championship 2019 - Entry List

The British & Open Championship 2019 - Entry ListThe British & Open Championship 2019 - Entry List


Performance          Production    
Name Country Weight   Name Country Weight
David Hicks K299 England Heavy   Oscar Hallewas  Netherlands Heavy 
Nick Trollope K173 Wales Super Heavy    Peter Verbeek  Netherlands  Heavy 
Chris Moore K3 England  Heavy    Joe Nathan K153  Kernow  Middle 
Wayne Turner K93  Wales  Heavy    Peter Buddelmeijer  Netherlands  Heavy 
Johan Das N66  Netherlands  Heavy    Ronald de Bruin  Netherlands  Super Heavy 
John Petch US126  U.S.A  Middle    Paul Ruigrok K195  Rep of Ireland  Super Heavy 
Paul Farrow K57  England  Super Heavy    Tom Carpenter K202  England Light
Jamie Brittain K68  England 


  Pat Letters IR136  N. Ire Heavy
Torkel Stillefors 105  New Zealand Heavy   Martin Letters IR13  N. Ire  Middle 
Andrew Hartwell K205  England Super Heavy    Brian Hayes IR 38 Rep of Ireland Heavy 
David Hare K50  Scotland  Light   Gareth L Jones K301  Wales  Heavy 
Stuart Reader K36  England Middle    David Cooke K156 England  Light 
Paul May K90  England  Heavy     Sarah Randall K173  England Light 
Stephen McGeouch K109  England  Super Heavy         
Barry Cole New Zealand  Middle         

Peter Williams K55 

England  Middle        
Pete Newlands K105  England  Light         
Francois Cilliers K77  England  Middle        
Philippe Lamiaux F71 France  Light         
Eric Charpentier F34  France  Middle         
Roger Jackson K31  Wales  Super Heavy         
Lauren McGavin K00  England Middle         
Phil McGavin K174  England  Super Heavy         
Steve Harvey K63 New Zealand Heavy        
Bruno Berry F477 France  Middle         
Stephen Carpenter K159  England  Heavy         
Graham Deal K166  England  Heavy         
Ed Delahaye K85  Wales  Super Heavy         
Matt Edwards K100  England  Heavy         
Rich Hollingsworth K79 Wales  Super Heavy         

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