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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

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Code of Conduct

Please remember that it is essential to sail according to our code of conduct,

terms in bold are mandatory for your insurance to be valid:

  • Only Blokart / Speedsail on open sites, where permission for use has been granted
  • Always observe local byelaws
  • Wear protective clothing - a safety helmet and seat belt are to be worn at all times whilst sailing
  • Always have your sail numbers showing
  • Always have your membership/insurance details with you
  • Do not sail too close to pedestrians or animals; they have the right of way
  • Be considerate and polite to others, whether members of the BLSA, other clubs or associations or the general public: never bring the BLSA into disrepute
  • All craft approaching each other 'head on' must veer to their right to leave sufficient space between them; Blokart, Speedsail, Parakart or Land Yacht
  • Priority is always given to any craft on the right; Blokart, Speedsail, Parakart or Land Yacht
  • Always look before you tack or gybe
  • Always make your presence as visible as possible, warning signs and flags
  • Do not drop or leave litter - take it home or put it in a bin
  • If you are deemed unfit to drive due to a medical or other condition, or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you must not sail
  • Park vehicles sensibly - do not obstruct rights of way or access points; it may be you that need the ambulance!
  • All Juniors must be accompanied by partent / guardian