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Monday, 18 November 2019

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Insurance FAQ


What type of insurance do we as members hold?

  • Civil Liability Insurance, which includes
    •  Public / Products Liability, (damage injury to third party property/persons)

Plus the following cover excluded by standard liability insurances but is INCLUDED in the BLSA standard cover

    • Professional Indemnity (for coaches advice),
    • Directors and Officers Insurance (to cover decisions/actions of board members / committees),
    • Libel & Slander (to cover web sites /publications etc)

It is important to realise that this cover pays for damage/injury to third parties in the event of LEGAL LIABILITY. To put it another way, if there is not any Legal Liability, the policy will not pay damages to injured “third parties”.

In what circumstances am I covered?

You will be covered for Blokart sailing and Land Speedsailing on sites where these sports are allowed. If in doubt seek permission from the landowner. 

Does the cover extend to events organised by other organisations?

Absolutely; you can take part in many British Landsailing (FED) regattas and other international events organised by bodies such as FISLY and others. Please note that certain venues may require you to take up membership of another association as a term of their use (more details in the Members' Handbook). 

Whilst Participating in My Sport -if I injure someone who is not a member of BLSA am I covered?

The cover indemnifies you for any legal liability for injuries sustained to a third party, whether the Third Party is a member or not.

As a member of BLSA, am I covered anywhere in the world?

Civil Liability: For members of BLSA, Civil Liability cover is worldwide, however, cover is restricted in USA & Canada to the following:

  • Individual Instructors visiting USA / Canada
  • Teams visiting USA/Canada
  • Individual members of associations visiting USA/Canada in connection with the association activities.

The only exception to the above, is in respect of Libel & Slander, where only actions brought in a court of law within Great Britain / Northern Ireland / Channel Islands / Isle of Man / European Community, are covered by the policy.

What Age restrictions apply?

Civil Liability: You must be at least 8 years old to pilot a blokart independently.