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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

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The British Land Speedsail Association (BLSA) was formed in its present format in 1986 by a group of Speedsailing enthusiasts. Its purpose was to provide Speedsailing sites, a race series, 3rd party liability insurance and to promote the sport. Blokart Sailing was added in 2004.

Speedsailing is a class 7 land yacht, as described by the International Land and Sandyachting Federation (FISLY) the international governing body. A Blokart is classed as a mini-yacht under the FISLY rules as it fits within a 5.6m loop of rope; this means that you can tale part in FISLY event and compete against other makes of mini land-yacht. 

Single-make Blokart racing is the most popular form of land-sailing racing in the World today. Because it is one make the racing is close and the rules mean that there are limits to what you can do to the Blokart to improve its performance. There are two classes; Production class is basically as it comes from the factory; Performance class allows you to customise rigging, use carbon-firbre mast sections that are stiffer, a streamlined Pod to reduce air resistance as well as a 'Big Foot' front wheel. There are a range of weight categories to keep the racing as close as possible in all weather conditions.

The Production Blokart speed record is over 50MPH and the Performance Blokart record currently stands at 64.4MPH. They are very competitive against other similar types of craft but easier for a novice to pick up and also allow people with lower-limb disabilities to compete on a level basis with able-bodied sailors.

Blokart Sailing is unique sport and the BLSA are the recognised national governing body.