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 1.         TITLE:

The association was founded in 1986 and shall be called “The British Land Speedsailing Association”, abbreviated to BLSA, hereafter to be referred to as ‘the BLSA’.

 The BLSA is governed by its constitution. The bodies of the association are the Director Committee [DC] and the General Assembly [GA]. The constitution and the resolutions of the GA are applicable to all members.

The public interests and welfare of the BLSA state that the organisation is non-profit making. Funds and resources are only allowed to be spent on purposes defined by the constitution. No person is entitled to payments that are not connected to activities in the sport or the mission of the association.

The calendar year is from the first day of January to the last day of December.

The official address of the association will be that of the association Secretary for the duration of their elected period. The language of the association is English.

2.         OBJECTIVE:

The objective of the association is to develop, teach, organise and control Blokart Sailing and Land Speedsailing in all forms and practices such as competition, leisure, schools, or any other activity involving Blokarts or stand- up wind powered craft.

The association is recognised as the National Governing Body for the sports of Blokart Sailing and Land Speedsailing in UK.

Specific Goals of ‘the BLSA’:

2.1.         To foster and promote the sports of Blokart Sailing and Speedsailing at all levels, providing opportunities for recreation and competition throughout the United Kingdom.

2.2.         Represent the participants of the sport at a National level.

2.3.         Act as an advisory body on all matters appertaining to Blokart Sailing and Speedsailing in the United Kingdom including safety, training and licensing.

2.4.         Act as an advisory body on the organisation and regulation of the sports in the United Kingdom.

2.5.         To encourage and assist pilots to represent the United Kingdom in International competition. The BLSA will endeavor to:

2.6.       Follow legal guidelines including Health and Safety and insurance requirements

2.7.         Promote friendship and fair play nationally and internationally.

2.8.         Protect the environment where the sports take place

3.         MEMBERSHIP:

3.1.         Membership of ‘the BLSA’ shall be open to any person, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation or ability, who completes a membership application form and pays the relevant subscription/joining fee.

3.2.         Full Membership (including Insurance) is restricted to sailors whose primary sport is either Blokart Sailing or Land Speedsailing.

3.3.         The membership fee is influenced by the insurance premium (determined by the previous year’s membership numbers and the market) therefore can only be set once this has been received.

3.4.         Any increase in the membership fee other than the insurance premium should be proposed and determined at the Annual General Meeting of ‘the BLSA’.

3.5.            Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December annually.

3.6.            There may be different classes of membership available, including but not limited to:

3.6.1.        Full Membership (includes insurance)

3.6.2.        Family Membership; 2 Adults and 2 Juniors (includes insurance)

3.6.3.        Associate Membership (for non participating members, excludes insurance)

3.7.         Full and Family Members of ‘the BLSA’ aged 16 or over at the date of the AGM shall be entitled to one vote each at General Meetings.

3.8.           Associate Members are entitled to vote at General Meetings

3.9.           Conditions of Membership

3.9.1       Members shall comply with constitution, policies, guidelines, resolutions and bye-laws of ‘the BLSA, which are conditions of membership.

3.9.2       Any breach of 3.9.1 or any conduct which, in the opinion of the DC, is either unworthy of a member or an Affiliated Club or otherwise injurious to the BLSA, shall render a member and/or Affiliated Club liable to disciplinary action by the DC, which may include expulsion, disaffiliation or non-renewal of membership or affiliation.

Before taking such disciplinary action against a member and/or Affiliated Club, the DC shall call upon such member and/or Affiliated Club for a written explanation of such member's and/or Affiliated Club’s conduct and shall give the member and/or Affiliated Club full opportunity of making explanation to the DC, or of resigning or ceasing affiliation, as the case may be.

A resolution to apply any sanction shall be carried by a simple majority vote by those members of the DC present and voting on the resolution.

The DC (or any person to whom the DC shall delegate this power) may temporarily suspend or exclude a member and/or an Affiliated Club from particular training sessions, racing and/or wider BLSA activities, when in their opinion such action is in the interests of the BLSA.

Upon expulsion or disaffiliation the former member or Affiliated Club shall not be entitled to have any part of the annual membership fee or affiliation fee refunded and must forthwith return the relevant BLSA membership card(s) and any BLSA equipment held.

3.10.       A member may withdraw from membership of the ‘the BLSA’ by written notice to the Secretary. Membership shall not be transferable in any event and shall cease immediately on death or dissolution or on the failure of the member to comply or to continue to comply with any condition of membership set out in the constitution or the Membership rules.

3.11.     Any member whose membership fee is more than 3 months in arrears shall be deemed to have resigned their membership.

3.12        Clubs

3.12.1    Incorporated club(s) and unincorporated club(s) or a group of members whose principal objective is the drawing together of individuals interested in the recreation and competitive use of the Blokart (for the purposes hereof a “Club”) may apply to the BLSA for affiliation on the terms specified below. A Club affiliated pursuant to this section 3.12 shall be known and defined as an “Affiliated Club”.

3.12.2    An Affiliated Club shall recognise the BLSA as the UK National Governing Body for Blokart Sailing and Racing and shall state this in the Club constitution.

3.12.3    The DC may accept or decline affiliation of a Club in the interests of meeting the BLSA’s objectives and current membership needs. The DC may in the interests of BLSA members resolve to put the affiliation of a Club to members at an Annual General Meeting.

3.12.4    A Club seeking affiliation shall submit to the BLSA in support of and with its application for affiliation information including but not limited to its constitution, objectives, proposed membership criteria, insurance arrangements, permissions for use of sailing venues and identification of the Club’s officers duly authorised to communicate, commit, bind, and/or contract on behalf of the Club during its application for affiliation and upon Affiliated Club status. The BLSA may publish guidelines for affiliation and may assist a club in the development of its constitution and application however such assistance is neither guarantee of affiliation nor an acceptance of liability on behalf of the BLSA or its members.

3.12.5    An Affiliated Club may use the term “Affiliated to the BLSA” in its name and promotional material, but under no circumstance does the Affiliated Club or any member thereof acting on behalf of the Affiliated Club represent the BLSA (even if such member of such Affiliated Club is an elected member of the Executive Committee or Non- Executive Committee of the BLSA). For the avoidance of doubt, no Affiliated Club, nor any member thereof acting on behalf of an Affiliated Club shall be entitled to commit the BLSA, contract on the BLSA’s behalf or otherwise incur liability on behalf of the BLSA.

3.12.6    Affiliated Club(s) shall during the term of affiliation be required to provide on an ongoing basis such information to the BLSA as the BLSA may from time to time reasonably require including but not limited to information such as that in 3.12.4 above and shall appoint a representative of the Affiliated Club as a single point of contact for such purpose.

3.12.4 It shall be the responsibility of the Affiliated Club to liaise with the BLSA to ensure no conflict in terms of events, venue or otherwise.

3.12.8    The BLSA reserves the right to charge a fee to Clubs for application for affiliation, and an annual fee for Affilated Clubs to maintain affiliation.

3.12.9    Nothing in this section 3.12 shall limit the rights and/or responsibilities of an individual member of the BLSA pursuant this Constitution and/or any other documents, policies, resolutions, by laws, insurance requirements or other requirements with or by which individual members of the BLSA are required to comply without limitation in accordance with governing law.


The affairs of the BLSA shall be controlled by a Director Committee [DC] comprising of Executive Officers and Non-Executive Officers elected from, and by, the membership. All positions on the DC are held by volunteers.

4.1.  Executive Officers are the minimum that are required to govern and control the affairs of ‘the BLSA’. They shall be: Chairperson

Vice Chairperson

Secretary Treasurer

and one other elected by and from the DC

4.2.  Non - Executive Officer positions can be determined and allocated by the DC and are typically but not restricted to:

National Coach / Safety Officer Race Officer

Child Protection / Welfare Officer Press and Public Relations Officer Event Coordinator

4.3.  Roles and Responsibilities will be regularly updated and displayed on ‘the BLSA’ website. Any legal delegation by the Chairperson must be specifically defined

4.4.  The DC shall meet at regular intervals throughout the year as required.

4.4.1.        21 days notice shall be given for physical attendance meetings of the DC. Shorter notice may be required for conference / net-meeting.

4.4.2.        A DC meeting will require a majority of members present to form a quorum at which voting can take place (e.g. 5 out 9).

4.4.3.        Any DC Member may participate in a DC Meeting by way of video conferencing or conference telephone or similar equipment which allows every person participating to hear and speak to one another throughout such meeting. A person so participating shall be deemed to be present in person at the meeting and shall accordingly be counted in the quorum and be entitled to vote. Such a meeting shall be deemed to take place where the largest group of those participating is assembled, or if there is no such group, where the chairman of the meeting is.

4.5.  If, for any reason, a vacancy shall occur, the DC may co-opt a Full or Family member to fill such a vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting. Should this vacancy be Chairperson then the Vice Chairperson shall become temporary Chairperson and serve until the next Annual General Meeting.

4.6.  The duties of the Director Committee shall be:

4.6.1.        To control the affairs of ‘the BLSA’ on behalf of it’s members.

4.6.2.        To keep accurate accounts of the finances of ‘the BLSA’, in accordance with UK regulations, through the Treasurer. These should be available for reasonable inspection by members and should be audited before every Annual General Meeting. The BLSA shall maintain a bank current account with the ability to complete online transactions. A members of the DC should be elected to maintain the BLSA Paypal account and transfers to the BLSA current account. The following Officers shall be authorised to sign a cheque: Chairperson, Treasurer or Secretary.

4.6.3.        To co-opt additional members on to the DC as necessary. Co-opted members shall not be entitled to a vote unless agreed by the permanent members of the DC.

4.6.4.        Small working parties may be convened for specific areas of development within the BLSA and will promptly report back to the DC.

4.6.5.        To formulate and promote association Rules / Guidelines / Policy / Byelaws relating to the sports of Blokart sailing and Speedsailing to members of ‘the BLSA’. Rules / Guidelines / Policy / Byelaws can be approved by the DC but require endorsement at the next meeting of the GA.

4.6.6.        To make decisions on the basis of a simple majority vote. In the case of equal votes, the Chairperson shall be entitled to an additional casting vote.

4.6.7.        The DC may invite to its meetings representatives of such bodies as it deems appropriate.

4.6.8.        The DC will delegate representation on other bodies to an appropriate association member (this may be a member of the DC or the GA)

4.6.9.        The DC shall decide which bodies the Association shall affiliate.

4.7          In pursuance of the authority vested in the DC by members of the BLSA, members of the DC are entitled to be indemnified by the members of the BLSA against any liabilities properly incurred by them or any one of them on behalf of the BLSA wherever the contract or liability is of a duly authorised nature or could be assumed to be of a duly authorised nature and entered into on behalf of the BLSA.

The limit of any individual member's indemnity in this respect shall be a sum equal to one year's subscription at the then current rate of that category of membership unless the DC has been authorised to exceed such limit the members at Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.


5.1.  All Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of ‘the BLSA’, from, and by, the Members of the ‘the BLSA’.

5.2.  Proxy voting is allowed by e-mail or letter to the Chairperson in advance of the Annual General Meeting. Timescales for voting will be determined by the DC.

5.3.  All executive officers are elected for a period of two years, Non - executive officers are elected for a period of one year, but may be re-elected to the same office or another office the following year.

5.4.  Nomination of candidates for election of Officers shall be made in writing to the Secretary at least 30days in advance of the Annual General Meeting date. Nominations can only be made by Full Members and must be seconded by another Full Member.


6.1.  The Annual General Meeting shall be held once a year.

6.2.  A minimum of 30 days notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given to the GA by posting the notice on the association website and e-mail (or in writing if no e-mail address has been supplied).

6.3.  Members must advise the Secretary or Chairperson in writing of any business to be moved at the Annual General Meeting at least 30 days before a meeting.

6.4.  The Secretary shall circulate or give notice of the agenda for the meeting to Members not less than 21 Days before the meeting

6.5.            The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be to:

6.5.1.        Confirm the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting and any General Meetings held since the last Annual General Meeting.

6.5.2.        Receive the audited accounts for the year from the Treasurer.

6.5.3.        Receive the annual report of the Committee from the Secretary.

6.5.4.        Elect an auditor

6.5.5.        Elect the Executive and Non – Executive Officers.

6.5.6.        Review Annual subscription rates and if possible (potentially excluding insurance premium as may not be known at the time of the meeting) agree them for the forthcoming year.

6.5.7.        Transact such other business received in writing by the Secretary from Members 30 days prior to the meeting and included on the agenda.

(NOTE: The agenda should provide for "Accepted Other Business" advised to chairman at any time before the meeting and deemed of sufficient urgency or importance by the chairman to require adding to the meeting, but Members should be encouraged to refer other items to the General Committee and give the required notice for important Annual General Meeting business).

6.6.            All General Meetings other than Annual General Meetings shall be called Extraordinary General Meetings.

6.7.            Extraordinary General Meetings may be convened by the Director Committee or on receipt by the Secretary of a request in writing from not less than 5% of the Full Members of the BLSA. At least14 days’ notice of the meeting shall be given.

6.8.            A resolution can be made to stop the activities of the Director Committee at an AGM or EGM. In this case a new Director Committee will be elected within the next two months. The outgoing chairman is responsible for organising the election as soon as possible.

6.9.            At all General Meetings, the chair will be taken by the Chairperson or, in their absence, by the Vice-Chairman or by a Full Member elected by the majority of those attending the meeting.

6.10.          Decisions made at a General Meeting shall be by a simple majority of votes from those Full Members attending the meeting and any Proxy votes cast (if applicable). In the event of equal votes, the Chairperson shall be entitled to an additional casting vote.

6.11.           There will be no required minimum attendance numbers for a General Meeting.

6.12.          The General Committee may decide, in advance of a general meeting, to call a postal / electronic ballot in respect of a resolution which would otherwise be put to the vote at the general meeting. If there is to be a postal / electronic ballot, the details of the resolution and voting papers shall be sent at such time as the DC shall prescribe to the members. Voting papers must be returned by such time as the DC shall prescribe and shall be counted by such person or persons as the DC shall decide. The result of the postal / electronic ballot will be declared at the general meeting at which it would otherwise have been put to the vote.

6.13.          A notice may be served by ‘the BLSA’ upon any member, either personally, by sending it through the post in a prepaid letter or using electronic communications to their registered membership address.

6.14.          Any notice, if served by post, shall be deemed to have been served on the day following that on which the letter containing the same is put into the post, and in proving such service it shall be sufficient to prove that the letter containing the notice was properly addressed and put into the post as a prepaid letter. Any notice, if contained in an electronic communication shall be deemed to have been served at the expiration of 48 hours after the time it was sent. Proof that a notice contained in an electronic communication was sent shall be conclusive evidence that the notice was given.

6.15.          A member present at any meeting of the General Assembly shall be deemed to have received notice of the meeting and of the purposes for which it was called. 

7.         Sports Anti-Doping Rule

7.1              Anti-Doping Rules

The BLSA recognizes and accepts the UK Anti-Doping Rules as enforced by UK Anti-Doping (“UKAD”).

As the National Anti-Doping Organisation, UKAD’s work is governed by and is in strict compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code (the Code).

UKAD implements best practice governance, management and administration standards at every level of operation.

UKAD is committed to continual improvement and innovations of all operations and activities. UKAD’s anti- doping operations are ISO:9001:2008 accredited.

For this reason The BLSA adopts The UK Anti-Doping Rules (Version 2.0, dated 14 December 2009), and any amendments by UKAD as enacted from time to time (“UKAD Rules”). They will become The BLSA Anti- Doping Rules from 1/4/2014 and will replace all other anti-doping rules of The BLSA and its individual members and Affiliated Clubs.

7.2             Anti-Doping Conditions of Membership and Affiliation

 It is condition of membership of and/or affiliation with the BLSA that:

 (i)                      All members of the BLSA are required to comply with UKAD Rules. Non-compliance shall lead to immediate termination of membership, and

 (ii)                   All Affiliated Clubs and members thereof, whether BLSA members or not, are required to comply with UKAD rules. Non-compliance shall lead to immediate termination of Affiliated Club status.


8.1. Any proposed alterations to the Constitution may only be considered at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting convened with the required written notice of the proposal. Any alteration or amendment must be proposed by a Full Member of the BLSA and seconded by another Full Member. Such alterations shall be passed if supported by not less than two-thirds of those Full Members present at the meeting, assuming that a quorum has been achieved.

9.         DISSOLUTION: 

9.1.  If, at any General Meeting of ‘the BLSA’, a resolution be passed calling for the dissolution of the association, the Secretary shall immediately convene a Special General Meeting of ‘the BLSA’ to be held not less than one month thereafter to discuss and vote on the resolution.

9.2.  If, at that Special General Meeting, the resolution is carried by at least two-thirds of the Full Members present at the meeting, the Director Committee shall thereupon, or at such date as shall have been specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the assets of ‘the BLSA’ and discharge all debts and liabilities of ‘the BLSA’.

9.3.  After discharging all debts and liabilities of ‘the BLSA’, the remaining assets shall be paid or distributed equally amongst the Full Adult Members (including adult Family members) of ‘the BLSA’ as of the date of the last AGM; the material assets are to be auctioned publicly via Ebay or other public auction and the funds raised are to be distributed equally between the aforementioned members.

Document Control Sheet

All changes to this document must be approved by the BLSA Director Committee and recorded here





Created document from info supplied in the original Constitution and from draft documents created between Rob Jewel, Rosie Tribe and Nick Dodge.

Nick Dodge


Clause 5.3: Executive officers are elected for a period of two years

Chris Moore


Clause 3.7: Only Adult Full and Family Members of ‘the BLSA’aged 16 or over at the date of the AGM shall be entitled to one vote each at General Meetings.

John Gillborn


Clause 4.6.2: The BLSA shall maintain a bank current account with the ability to complete online transactions. A member of the DC should be elected to maintain the BLSA Paypal account and transfers to the BLSA current account. The following Officers shall be authorised to sign a cheque: Chairperson, Treasurer or Secretary.

John Gillborn


Executive Officers are the minimum that are required to govern and control the affairs of ‘the BLSA’. They shall be:


Vice Chairperson Secretary Treasurer

One other to be elected by and from the DC

Chris Selway

EGM March 2014

Changes to Clauses 3, 4 and 7 relating to Affiliated Clubs, Conditions of membership and Anti-Doping as agreed at EGM March 2014 plus sundry related reformatting/numbering

Kerry-Lee Wright

 11 December 2015

 Changes to Clause 9.3. If required material assets to be auctioned publicly.

 Edward Delahaye

 23 November 2018

 Changes to Clause 6.11. No minimum number of members required for General Meeting

 Edward Delahaye

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