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Monday, 18 November 2019

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Minutes of BLSA 2019 AGM, November 2nd.2019

2nd November 2019, 2.00pm
 The Dolphin Inn, Uphill , Weston-super-mare
Mary McGavin  K74
Phil McGavin  K174
David Hicks   K299
Edward Delahaye  K85
Sharon Delahaye  K851
Chris Moore              K3
Dave Miller              K1
Nick Glynn   K72
Gill Moore                          K11
Sarah Randall                     K273
Peter Randall                      K80
Roger Jackson                     K31
Steve Harvey                       K63
Ben Cuckson                        K165
Peter Williams                     K55
Lauren Anora McGavin      K00
Nick Trollope  K173

Apologies were received from –
Chris Mumford
Lynne Hicks
Jane Gibson
Alan Gibson
Jamie Brittain
Paul Vincent
Matt Edwards
David Cooke
Richard Hollingsworth
Joe Nathan
Donny Macfarlane
Pat Letters
Stephen Carpenter 
Tom Carpenter

1) Welcome from the Secretary
Dave Hicks welcomed all to the AGM and thanked them for making such an effort in attending in view of the poor weather conditions that caused the meeting to be hastily reconvened in the Dolphin, Uphill.
DH informed all that our current Chairman Chris Moore and Committee member Nick Glynn had decided not to stand for re-election. On behalf of all the committee Dave thanked Chris and Nick for all they had done for the sport and the association over their tenure. They will both be missed.
DH moved on to report how well Blokart Team France had done in organising the recent European Blokart Championship in Saint Brevin and that the BLSA would have a hard act to follow. It is the committee’s intention to form a sub committee to organise the 2021 Euros in Llanbedr and hoped Chris would like to be involved, both Chris and Gill said they would be happy to be involved and bring their considerable experience to the venture.

2) Agree minutes from last AGM
The minutes from last year were available and taken as agreed, a copy of which is on the BLSA website.
3) Chairman’s report
There was no Chairman’s report.

4) Treasurer’s report
The accounts had previously been published on the BLSA Facebook page, included in the notice of AGM e mailed out to all members and on the website for members to review.
Bank balances were : PayPal £419.79
        Bank £3751.23
SR explained that the reason for the Perranporth race having such a high fee was due to the airfield not cashing the previous year’s fee until year end.
Chris Moore said he would continue to get insurance quotes and would liaise with the current committee.
5) Membership report
Membership for 2019 is 168 (-10) of which 36 are new or returning lapsed members.
Over the last two years we have had 77 new or lapsed members join which is almost 46% of the total current membership.
We are continuing to attract new members but are losing members at a greater rate.  We will look at how we can reverse this trend.
Due to the membership fee being increased to £40 our annual membership income is up. This allows us to cover the annual insurance fees, administrative and postage costs for the association.
6) Election of Auditor
Peter Randall was proposed by D Hicks and seconded by E Delahaye followed by a show of hands and was duly elected to audit the accounts for 2020.
7) Election of officers
The committee as proposed is as follows:
Chairman   Ed Delahaye, proposed D Hicks seconded N Trollope
Vice-chairman Nick Trollope, proposed E Delahaye   seconded    S Delahaye
Treasurer Sarah Randall, proposed E Delahaye, seconded N Trollope
Secretary  Dave Hicks, proposed N Trollope seconded E Delahaye
Executive  Sharon Delahaye, proposed D Hicks, seconded E Delahaye
Non-executive  No proposals received
Non-executive No proposals received
David Miller was proposed to be co opted to the committee as a non-executive member by D Hicks and was seconded by E Delahaye.
All the above positions were confirmed by a show of hands.
8) Additional items – 2020 membership fee to remain at £40 for all adult members. Junior members are free, associate and family membership are ceased.
Ed announced that we would be having a new website built by Richard Hollingswoth as our existing one needed updating and was being hosted on an old almost unsupported server. Details will follow.
B Race series for 2020. We are constantly struggling to run decent size fleets for the existing set up which may be down to running too many events this year. The plan is to run four B races (two on beaches and two on tarmac) next year and link them with a points system. Once finalised we will post the format in the membership section of the website.
The BRITS is a standalone event and again will be held at Llanbedr hopefully coinciding with the beer festival.
9) Proposals – Changes to the BLSA constitution. Items in yellow were proposed to be removed and items in green were proposed to be included. These items were previously made available to all members in the AGM package sent out in advance of the AGM.
Ed went through the proposed changes to the constitution for the benefit of those present. There were several questions raised re wording and meaning which were discussed at length and agreed upon.

10) A.O.B. –
Ed asked all members to update their membership details including e mail addresses and photos. It was pointed out that a photo of the member was what is required not sails, Blokarts or pictures of passports.
There was no other business and the meeting closed after Roger Jackson spoke on behalf of the membership to thank Chris Moore and Nick Glynn for all their hard work and efforts over the years.