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Sunday, 24 February 2019

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Minutes of BLSA Committee Meeting January 8th, 2019, 8.30pm

January 8th, 2019, 8.30pm
BLSA committee meeting
Present – Edward Delahaye (ED), Sharon Delahaye (SD), Nick Glynn (NG), Dave Hicks (DH), Chris Moore (CM) Sarah Randall (SR).
Apologies – Nick Trollope.
There were no outstanding items, all were completed or are in hand.
The following items were discussed.
DH commented on last months minutes and reported all items outstanding were in hand
DH reported that to date we now have 75 members of which 6 are new or lapsed pre-2016. At the same date last year, we had 65 members joined, early indications are that this trend will continue following the decision to increase subs by £10 for late re-joiners after March 1st.
Current balances are.
Bank balance – £ 2279.15
Paypal account – £2500.77
2019 events:
Perranporth: The plan this year is to sail until about 1700 then return to Blue Hills for either a self-catering BBQ at 1900 or DH will ask Ginnie if there are local caterers who may wish to provide a “Pulled-pork” type buffet.
Greatstone: March 16/17th We plan to open the shop at the beginning of February for entries, NG is drafting the NOR in readiness. The entry will be £25.
Llanbedr: This year we are doing the B race again (25/26 May) and the BRITS. (21/22 Sept) We would like the Euros at Llanbedr too in 2021.
Pembrey: ED is speaking to Dai about a date (possibly Nov2/3), CM said we would discuss Weston at a later date.
Beach Vibes Pembrey: ED mentioned this was 14/15 June.
NG said he would be contacting Tim Seed re The Traffic Light starting gear.
DH said he was going to Ostende at the weekend and would be happy to pick up and pay for (on behalf of the BLSA) the new 30m start line that Etienne had quoted for at Euro 75.
CM asked if our committee members could be paid at the earliest convenience when they have made purchases for the BLSA.
DH had filled in the Offcom application for the radios and was just waiting for the Invoice to arrive.
NT had previously reported that Rooster were again doing the members discount and the new code has been issued and posted in the members section.
DH mentioned that we had, as requested, created a link on the BLSA site to the Central Blokart Club website but as yet there has been no evidence of CBC provided links back to The BLSA or posting the other information we had requested. A general discussion ensued, and it was agreed to give CBC until the end of the month before making the request again
The next meeting would be on Tuesday 12th February at 2030.