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Friday, 19 April 2019

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Minutes of the BLSA Committee Meeting February 12th 2019

February 12th, 2019, 8.30pm
BLSA committee meeting
Present – Edward Delahaye (ED), Sharon Delahaye (SD), Nick Glynn (NG), Dave Hicks (DH), Chris Moore (CM) Sarah Randall (SR), Nick Trollope (NT).
Apologies :  None all present.
There were no outstanding items, all were completed or are in hand.
The following items were discussed.
DH commented on last months minutes and reported all items outstanding were in hand
DH reported that to date we now have 119 members of which 18 are new or lapsed pre-2018. At the same date last year, we had 99 members joined of which 9 were new members.
Current balances are.
Bank balance – £ 1915.26
Paypal account – £3565.95
2019 events:
Greatstone: March 16/17th ED will open the shop after the meeting for entries, NG has written   the NOR and ED has uploaded it. The entry is £25.
Sarah’s note on Facebook re racing helping to finance our annual budget was enlightening.
Llanbedr:  ED said the fee for the two events this year would be the same as last year, £2500. ED envisaged we would use the big hanger again.
Pembrey: ED is speaking to Dai about a date, which would be after the BRITS.
Weston B race will be 13th/ 14th April.
New Locations.
RAF Honnington in Suffolk. Andy Hartwell is in discussion with the site to have a fun day, possibly 6/7th July. (This is an active base)
Future events.
The BLSA will be putting in a bid for the 2021 Euros, to be held at Llanbedr in conjunction with the BRITS.
Handbook and Website updates.
DH will make a list of sections that need amending and share them on the Committee FB page for discussion.
DH mentioned that the BLSA labels were almost gone.
CM said he would organise a reprint incorporating the new Blokart logo and have them delivered to DH.
DH said he would ask Steve Harvey to organise a link on the Central Blokart Club website to the BLSA website as previously agreed.
ED said he would bring the BLSA trailer to Uphill at the next fun weekend.
The recent thread re membership price increase was discussed, it was felt some of the posts did not fall into the category of “banter”. The FB members page is for the promotion of a sport, events and news not a forum to openly criticise others, or for dealers to advertise on.  We will publish a note to that effect.
The next meeting will be at 2030 on Tuesday 12th March.