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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

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Minutes of BLSA Committee Meeting August 14th, 2019.

August 14th, 2019, 8.30pm
BLSA committee meeting
Present – Edward Delahaye (ED), Sharon Delahaye (SD), Nick Glynn (NG), Dave Hicks (DH), Chris Moore (CM), Nick Trollope (NT). Sarah Randall (SR)
Apologies:  None, All present.
There were no outstanding items, all were completed or are in hand.
The following items were discussed.
DH commented on last month’s minutes and reported all items outstanding were in hand
DH reported that to date we now have 157 members of which 26 are new or lapsed pre-2018. At the same date last year, we had 164 members joined of which 31 were new members.
Current balances are.
Bank balance – £ 5156.30
PayPal account – £1881.83
2019 events:
Numbers of entries are still quite low.
ED has received an e mail from his contact at Llanbedr asking for risk assessment document and evidence of our 10 million insurance. ED would like some photos of the event to pass on to help promote the airfield.
As soon as we know the numbers DH will send Ed his spreadsheet listing meal requirements so he can pass that info on to Ellie. ED said the food prices were ok.
 RAF Honington:
The event was a great success despite the low entry, our grateful thanks to the Sponsors and local members who made the event such a success. CM could see no reason why we shouldn’t return there next year.
Pembrey :
Date still to be decided,
ED seeing Dai this weekend and would sort out the details with the CLSC committee.
Handbook and Website updates.
DH will continue with a list of sections that need amending and share them on the Committee FB page for discussion. DH confirmed he was still working on this.
We currently have:
Weston Windsport
Hartwell Blinds
TopGear Electric bikes
Cover Solutions
Blokart World
Blokart UK
Data Pacific
Specialist Motor Caravan Specialists
Weston Blokart Club.
CM said he had yet to receive a sponsorship invoice.
SR said she would prepare them and send them out.
DH said he had messaged Steve Harvey and Dave Miller re sponsorship, both Shredders and Steve said they would not be sponsoring this year. DH said Ettiene would be unable to loan transponders as he was away at another event.
Sale of redundant kit:
CM reported he had sold all the redundant kit.
Race Officer Expenses.
NG provided the following costs he had accumulated over 4 B races and the BRITS.
2734 miles at 30 MPG = approx. £460 ( or 30p / mile)
Accommodation = £1300
Further discussion is required to determine how to gain approval from either the racing membership or the membership, and to determine whether the current race fees can accommodate R.O. expenses.
Under AOB it was suggested we needed more racers and reduce by two the number of B races.
Greatstone and Perranporth are likely candidates.
DH said he would ask Adrian if he had made any progress with the Surrey venue.
DH is awaiting a pro forma invoice for 200 new BLSA badges.
Tee shirts for BRITS bottle green was agreed.
AGM date: November 2nd.
ED will post the notice asap on the website and will send a broadcast e mail to all members.
Next Meeting Tuesday September 10th  at 2030.