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Saturday, 20 July 2019

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Minutes of BLSA Committee Meeting April 9th. 2019.

April 9th, 2019, 8.30pm
BLSA committee meeting
Present – Edward Delahaye (ED), Sharon Delahaye (SD), Nick Glynn (NG), Dave Hicks (DH), Chris Moore (CM), Nick Trollope (NT).
Apologies:  Sarah Randall.
There were no outstanding items, all were completed or are in hand.
The following items were discussed.
DH commented on last months minutes and reported all items outstanding were in hand
DH reported that to date we now have 143 members of which 21 are new or lapsed pre-2018. At the same date last year, we had 135 members joined of which 17 were new members.
Current balances are.
Bank balance – £ 4187.30
Paypal account – £1246.68
CM asked to refund £10 to Julias Aitkin.
2019 events:
Weston, Good fleet of 33 entered, up 14 on last year. Setting up at 0800 on the beach.
Llanbedr: Ed reported all in hand we should be in the main hanger again.
Pembrey: ED reported that there was a change at the barrier, no plate recognition.
Perranporth: Will be 29/30th June
No catering on the airfield, we will do fish and chips Friday night and either a BBQ Saturday evening after racing (no evening races this year) DH said he will ask Ginnie if there are local caterers who may wish to provide something.
RAF Honington near Bury St Edmonds, B race Aug 17/18 (No dogs)
Handbook and Website updates.
DH will continue with a list of sections that need amending and share them on the Committee FB page for discussion.
DH has contacted Steve Harvey on Feb 28th, who said he would get on with the link to the BLSA website.
ED said Etienne would be bringing new plugs for the new 30M loop.
NG said he would use the new loop at registration for Weston B race.
Sponsors: DH will chase his local Camper van converter to see if he still wishes to be a sponsor.
NT waiting to hear back from Rooster stickers and 2019 sponsorship.
Next Meeting Tuesday May 14th. 2030