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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

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BLSA Trainer & Instructor Accreditation

BLSA Trainer & Instructor Accreditation

Definition of Trainers and Instructors Titles and Roles

BLSA Commercial Trainer – Responsible for givingtraining to Commercial Instructors such as activity providers. Training conducted under Commercial Trainers own insurance and risk assessment. Training material provided is Commercial Trainers own work, approved by The BLSA.

BLSA Commercial Instructor – Responsible for giving instruction and supervision to paying customers at activity events such as Stag days, team building etc. Activities are conducted under the Commercial Instructors own insurance and risk assessment.

BLSA Appointed Trainer –  Responsible for givingtraining to BLSA members under the BLSA Support Instructor Scheme. Training is conducted under BLSA member insurance.


BLSA Support Instructor – Responsible for giving instruction and supervision as per BLSA Support Instructor Scheme to non-paying members of the public via taster sessions. Instruction and taster session conducted under BLSA Members insurance.


A full list of accredited Instructors and Trainers is listed below and also on the BLSA website in the Members section.


All the above qualifications including instruction are accredited by the BLSA so long as the following stipulations are followed.

All BLSA Commercial Trainers, Commercial Instructors, Approved Trainers and Support Instructors are current members of the BLSA. Renewing yearly BLSA membership re-validates their qualification. As long as they are members they are accredited by the BLSA.

For new Activity Providers that have completed the BLSA Commercial Instructors course a one off payment of £100 is paid to the BLSA. In return they will receive a BLSA Flag and permission to use the BLSA Logo on their literature.

Names of all personnel who have completed a BLSA Accredited course will be sent by the responsible instructor or Trainer to the BLSA Training Committee. This will allow the Committee to form a database of Activity Providers, Instructors and Trainers.

Names of Trainers, Instructors, Activity Providers and Support Instructors are listed on the BLSA website.  If their membership has not been renewed, their name or organisation will be removed from the list and they will no longer be accredited by the BLSA.

2016 Accredited Trainers and Instructors

Richard Bayley K459 - Support Instructor

Authur Bosley K62 - Support Instructor

George Brien K78 - Commercial Instructor, Support Instructor

Sarah Burn K273 - Support Instructor

Rob Burns K150 - Support Instructor

Martin Budd K300 - Support Instructor

John Corkhill K34 - Support Instructor

Graham Deal K166 - Appointed Trainer, Support Instructor

Edward Delahaye K85 - Support Instructor

Nick Dodge K99 - Appointed Trainer, Support Instructor

Nick Glynn K72 - Support Instructor

David Hare K50 - Appointed Trainer, Support Instructor

Steve Harvey K63 - Commercial Instructor, Appointed Trainer, Support Instructor

David Hicks K299 - Support Instructor

Simon Jeffrey K167 - Support Instructor

Patrick Larkin K189 - Commercial Instructor, Support Instructor

Martin Letters IR13 - Commercial Instructor, Support Instructor

Pat Letters IR136 - Commercial Trainer, Commercial Instructor, Appointed Trainer, Support Instructor

Lauren McGavin K172 - Support Instructor

David Miller K1 - Support Instructor

Chris Mumford K61 - Support Instructor

Chris Moore K3 - Commercial Instructor, Appointed Trainer, Support Instructor

Peter Newlands K105 - Support Instructor

Russell Parker K285 - Support Instructor

Tim Seed K15 - Support Instructor

Chris Selway K46 - Appointed Trainer, Support Instructor

Phil Selway K94 - Support Instructor

Robin Smith K302 - Support Instructor

Nick Trollope K173 - Support Instructor

Paul Vincent K52 - Support Instructor

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