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2026 Blokart World Championships, Llanbedr, Wales


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About The BLSA

About The BLSA

The British Land Speedsail Association (BLSA) was set up in 1986 to support the sport of Speedsailing in the UK. In 2004 Blokart Sailing was added to cover the new emerging sport.

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Social Sailing for fun

Find your local club and sail for fun. Bring your friends and family, meet new people, learn new skills

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Introducing the Blokart

Introducing the Blokart

The Blokart is a 3 wheeled kart which uses a sail similar to those found on small dinghies to provide traction.  It was first designed in New Zealand by Paul Beckett as a recreation product for the entire family

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Close Competitive Racing

Not many forms of Sailing can provide the speed and agility of a Blokart. Sailing in close proximity at speeds upto 55 mph

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